At Digiconvers, it’s all about our people.

Despite being a small team, we have a deep rooted culture. At the core of our culture are our values:


We are INTRUSIVE: a curious bunch hungry for knowledge and always on the lookout for innovative experiences. We have made it part of our tradition to not only learn and develop professionally but encourage others to do the same.


We are SIMPLE we are receptive, and we always go all-out for without losing focus on the bigger picture. We seek out and seize opportunities.


We are STRONGWILLED: and confident about challenges. We care about the success of our company and our people. We have a great sense of humor and occasionally dabble into fun activities


We are AUDACIOUS: we are not afraid to challenge the logical approach and embrace fresh ideas


We are CONCERTED: hence we build partnerships through our open communication and accessibility. We operate with integrity, honesty and sincerity.

Our background is open and candid and we promote regular communication across all levels. We have a quarterly team bonding session, which enables us find out how our employees are feeling, what they like about the company and areas for improvement. Through team bonding, we know our people enjoy both their work, and their colleagues. It is this combination of characteristics that makes us a great team.